Tracy Trail

Please note this is only a small part of the comprehensive plan for a well-connected network of greenway projects planned for the Greenwood Area. This consisted of an integrated network of trails, sidewalks. parks and other public usage area such as swimming pools and bark parks. We are quickly becoming a place to visit regularly, shop and a simply wonderful place to safely and pleasurably grow your family. (editor's comment)

Tracy Trail is now under construction concurrently with the new park located to the west of Averitt Rd. on Greenwood's south side. The trail now is black-topped and the connecting traffic circles are in place. The trail is not officially open to the public as of  8/10/2009 but is being cautiously utilized already by those who could not wait for it to be finished. There are posted signs all along the trail denoting this fact in vivid orange. Tracy Trail more or less meanders north/south along the drainage creek called ( ) and has terminus points on the  (N) at Smith Valley Rd. and on the (S) at the new Summerfield Park located on Worthsville Road. It is a beautiful strip of land that alternates between areas of open meadows with a burbling brook and stretches of mixed housing/homes/apartments. One can even  view the Stop 18 Rd. Fire Department with it multi-tiered fire training tower. There you might even see and hear the unexpected urgent clang of the fire bell and the loud whine of the fire engines as they begin their fire run. You will cross several newly constructed east/west bridges that crisscross that ever present stream .

On the day that I was on the trail, I was passed runners, walkers, several kids and a father and his young son on their bikes, another father and his 3 year old daughter fording the stream, that was dividing the apartment property, to get to an apartment play ground. They could have used the bridge but instead utilized a temporary footstone ford rather then travel to the bridge a block a few hundred yards to the south. Not the best alternative but it solved their time constraints issue and was kind of adventuresome, kind of like Huck Finn would do. Mom pushing the baby carriage decided to follow the more traditional route using the bridge and the trail to meet up with them shortly.

The bridges are not only large and beautiful but as well are built very sturdily of ironwork and painted a dark rust red in color. All of the bridges have side rails approximately 5 feet high and seem very secure and should be able to endure the seasonal flooding in the area.

The creek needs to be described a bit. On the extreme south section of the trail mostly the creek is within earshot of the trail but can only be viewed occasionally, that is without leaving the asphalt and to walk to its edge. As you approach the fire station the stream is right beside you all the way to the rear of the Marsh/Kmart complex. In this area you will see minnows and lily pad type plants in clear waters. If it weren't for the surrounding building you might think that you were somewhere in the countryside. As you progress to the north of Stop 18 the feeling is of being on a golf course fairway that is situated between condominiums at a resort. With towering Trees and the shade they provide and even Doggie Pooh Clean-up Bag Dispensers interspersed along the way. I can see this becoming, when finished, one of the primo areas to walk in not only the city but in the county as well.

Items yet to install: Benches, Water Fountains, Grass/Shrubbery plus a few more amenities.

Please not that this is a construction in progress and give the workers all the space they need when you are out on your next, I can't wait to walk/run/bike/skateboard moment. Enjoy yourselves and have a safe time.

John R. Spurr - EPID
Evergreen Photographic Illus. & Design.

See interactive map below (click a dot and see what it looks like at that location: under construction come back later for pics and videos shot on the trail.

The Dot_Click is not yet functional Click here for the set of Photos. Use this if you have time constraints.
It is planned the the photos in this set will have explanatory notations shortly.
Please note: the photos below were taken during a 2 mile walk that  started and ended at Summerfield Park with turnabout to the west of the Kmart/Marsh area.

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