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2/9/2008 - Center Grove Education Foundation - Kickoff event at Mallow Run Winery
(Our Mission is A.C.E.S.:
  Advocate, Collaborate, Enrich, & Support 
Our aim is to raise and distribute funds to enhance the quality of education and extend the learning opportunities for al students of the Center Grove Community School Corporation.)

Photography by http://evergreenphoto-epid.com

Jack Russell

Lauren &
Ann Clute

Jim Copp PHD
CGEF President

Math Teacher
Heather Hart

Cordless Math
Pad for teaching
on the move
during class

at Mallow Run

Bella Sera

Mixing and
& of course
Food & Beverages

Some of the Items to be
offered at the Silent Auction Event in Indianapolis later next month. (March?)



8/13/2007 - Taste of Center Grove ALBUM. <<<(The yellow area to the left is a live link so tap it) 
Maple Grove Elementary (Center Grove School Corp.)


Johnson County - Farm Markets

Taylor's Farm Market

A Mystery of a Sort: Who is interested in this property and Why?
The property lies just within the Greenwood City Limits on the Southside and within the Greenwood Industrial Park.
It is located to the east of US31 from Worthsville Rd to Pushville Rd. (see map) 

Last week the Cartography People were out walking the field for topical graphic mapping
While This Monday we had 6 people looking over the same area. Could it be that Naachi wants to expand further?
See accompanying photos below :

Last Week Mapping (Week of 9/23-30/2006

Mondays Site Walking (10/02/2006)

Tuesday Archaeological Study of Site (10/03/2006)
By Alan Miller, Field Technician of Archaeological Consultants of Ossian
of Muncie, IN

1st noticed the red truck

Then the man in hat
with finder! For What?

This was done to ensure that objects of historical importance were located and identified before all was covered in asphalt. This was done by this company for the New Honda plant in Anderson, IN. This facility plans to have an In-House Museum for the artifacts found there. Nice idea. Congrats to Honda for their foresight.

The mystery is solved(?) (10/06/2006)
Grassy Shoppes by Duke Properties is to be built
on property at US 31 and Pushville Rd. in Greenwood. Northeast Corner.
Not so fast as of 6/23/2007 nothing has been done on site. Soybeans have been planted and the signs pictured below have been removed. No explanation other than the City of Greenwood when questioned about the area stated that "maybe things are moving a bit to fast...... The story continues  

Resolution Above Cancelled
New Resolution for the above site (Oct. 2008) .....
This whole parcel has been purchased, according to local sources
By Endress Hauser Corporation.
EH already owns an adjacent property and can be seen in the background in several of the photos above. We understand that EH will eventually add several more buildings. EH now owns from Endress Hauser Bld. to US 31 and from Worthville to Pushville Rds.

We wish the best of prosperity to Endress Hauser.
(EH is a International Zoned Property)

Bargersville Business Expansion (10/06/2006)
Dovetailers Custom Cabinetry Manufactures has expanded with the addition of a building and have now increased their manufacturing space to over 9000 sq. ft Congratulations to owner Michael Worth the owner of Dovetailers.


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