In and around the Indianapolis Area
with emphasis on Johnson County
and the southside

Please Note that all work is expressly the property of Evergreen Photographic and John R.Spurr

Here you will discover the beauty of Central Indiana and the Indy Metropolitan Area. You may even discover some little known facts and images not found elsewhere. Stay tuned and check back often for what is coming up next.

Multi-Media & Photo Package


One the same Vimeo page:

Ford Tri-Motor flying day at Greenwood Municipal Airport.
Tour and Actual Flight Opportunity
Watch Both.
As well as several more covered events.  <<<<Click to left

Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival
Carnival of Fibers
5/31- 6/1
11 Minute Video of the Event  
(Click to left)
Two day event hosting the many disciplines of the world of fibers: Live animals, fiber making equipment,
yarns, textiles, clothing, apparel, toys and much much more. This is a video complete with stills and video clips
that allow you to get a feel for the event. There was food for sale, various classroom events, display booths, live demonstrations.
Need new socks or gloves, Maybe a new purse or stuffed animal for the special present need. All of that was here. There were even
vendors and visitors that attended in actual handmade costumes, included was a gentleman on his way to attend his induction into
the US Navy in San Diego. He was in the costume of a Medieval knight dressed in the authentic clothing of the period sans armor. He brought
his shield, sword, vestures, walking stick, club as well as other items such as leather handiware.

This was a great show an was well attended. Why not try to attend next year and see for yourself. 

 SALI 2013 Annual Members Show
Sept. 21st - October 19th 2013
Video of the reception and winners
A collecton of Videos and Stills of the event.

Part 1 Click Part 1  8 minutes on. (Turn Sound On)
Part 2 Click Part 2 (Turn Sound On)  

  Johnson County Fair Parade
This set of 3 Albums cover the Fair Parade from beginning to end. We begin with the floats and
other vehicles lining up and hints at some of the activities of the participants as they
ready everyone for the days trip through the downtown streets of Franklin.
I purposely avoided many of the Courthouse as the streets surrounding
were under construction at the time. There are many photos of the parents
and their kids enjoying all the activities and and of course seeing
just how much candy they could catch. I was traveling on
Woody Burton's fire truck and specifically covered the action
from the perspective of the Johnson County Republican Procession.
Enjoy your time spent here as we sure did.

There are quite a few pictures, so some may appreciate the ability
to click a thumbnail photo on the Left to speed ahead.
Album 1 (Click to view.)
Album 2 (Click to view.)
Album 3 (Click to view.)

Greenwood, Indiana Freedom Festival
 Parade  (Here They Listed Below in 4 Albums)
 Album #1  (Click the Title to the Left)
 (Click the Title to the Left)
 Album #3
 (Click the Title to the Left)
 Album #4
 (Click the Title to the Left)
 Freedom Festival Event  (Click the Title to View)
 SALI Create Your Heart Out (A Paint-Out)
(Click the Title to the Left)
Our (SALI's) portion of this event started fine with 5 participants on site in Old Town. (At the SALI Gallery). The sun was shining, the temperature was warm but comfortable. All seemed well.
Connie Ford staffed the gallery providing information to the entrants and keeping in touch with those in the park. Linda Long and I, along with Steve Warner set up our tent and table. Steve then worked on his painting nearby. As demonstrations, Linda worked on her watercolor and I drew with pastel pencils. These activities attracted the curious ( as was our intent).
Several adults and other adults (parents with their kids watched on and asked question of the artists. (abridged)
Heidi Shackelford was a wonderful judge again this year, giving individual critiques with comments. The results are as follows:
1st Place - Vivian Gladden
2nd Place - Steve Warner
3rd Place - Andrew Koeling
Honorable Mention - Katrina West
Participant - Mathew Sheek
The above written by Tom O. Leavitt. (
SALI Board President)

The Freedom Festival -The rest of
 (Stay Tuned)

(Stay Tuned)Hoosier Fiber Festival
Coming Soon
Held at Johnson County Fair Grounds in Franklin, IN on June 1, 2013.
This festival covers the art, mechanics and wares of all that is animal fibers. This includes
clothing, jewelry and various types of apparel, live demonstrations of hot button words as "fabric poking",
toy making, quilting, fabric making.......
Food was available as well as live animals, spinning wheels, and even a person in Renaissance attire that he made.
This is one of the festivals being held yearly in Johnson County, Indiana.

First of a New Set of Videos Highlighting
 Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Recreation Area,
Johnson County Park and the Public Areas of Camp.

In my estimate Atterbury Fish and Wild life Recreation Area and Johnson County Pk
in general are some of the best kept pristine areas in the county. You can easily get back to nature
and have so many varied types of activities available.
Please visit the videos below to get a feel for what is there and then
get your bod out of the chair and leave the tv behind.
Get back to nature with out leaving the County.
We will see you there.

 Fishing in Pisgah Lake  12Minutes in length<<< (Click to view this link to view the video on YouTube)
The Park offers several good places to fish (fishing license is required - Annually $25.00)
Pisgah is one of the larger of the lakes and is located on the north eastside of the property. Pisgah can be accessed by vehicle
from the north or the south and parking lots and boat ramps are available on both sides. The lake is surrounded by woods
and is bounded on the northwest side by a tall railroad tressle which can be reached by trail. The area around Pisgah is the home of
may wildlife such as birds; hawk, eagles, geese, a wide variety of ducks, snake, insects such as dragonflies. There are a few marsh-like areas
where cattails can be found. The sounds of the forest and lake are ever present.

A point of information: Camp Atterbury at present (June 2013) is undergoing some major building projects and some roads are closed to public access
so on the southside of the lake there is no direct access from the west without going all the way to the base further to the south and then coming north.
Small powered fishing boats can be utilized on the lake. Pisgah is a popular lake for bluegill. So in short access to the lake is from the east and the south by road.


New I-65 Interchange at Worthsville Road
Advisement on Selection of Type of interchange Chosen
Meeting on April 11, 2013
5-7PM @ Clark Pleasant Middle School
(Pictures and Info)

Jeff Beck's Praise Acres Video click to view link on Vimeo
mp4 video approximately 3 Minutes in length
While you are driving around Johnson County, why not take a few minutes and visit PRAISE ACRES and learn a bit
about what it took to farm in pre-WWII. Here you can see some actually used in farming; Horse Drawn implements.
They are well preserved and while you are there why not peruse the wooden sculpture hewn by way of a chain saw.
There are a few trails to walk and can enjoy some fresh country air as well as some beautiful Country Side Views.
This is only about 25 minutes south of Indianapolis or 10 minutes west of Whiteland on Whiteland Road and near SR 37S.


Happenings Around Greenwood

Southside Art League Events   <<<Click
then scroll down to desired events.

Greenwood Freedom Festival and Parade Coming Shortly

2011 Events

Relay For Life - Carmel
13 minute video of the event

Event was sponsored by the American Cancer Society and was held at the Carmel High School Track Field in Carmel, IN.
It lasted from early in the morning until after dark. The runners attracted sponsors with all funds going to the ACS and their efforts to cure Cancer. I only covered the hour between 5PM and 6PM and even was drawn out to participate in a couple
of laps with my daughter, who was walking with others from the E. 91st Street Christian Church team.
It was a very enjoyable evening and raised quite a bit of money to help in the efforts to provide
a cure for Cancer.


 Johnson County Republican Women"s Events


2012 Events


2012 Style Show and Dinner
I have uploaded the photo-videos of the Style Show to YouTube. Here are the 2 links for them.
If needed username is NewMoon57. See if you notice the Special Person of the Evening.
Let me know what you think.
Part 1 - Meeting and Dinner -4 minutes

Part 2 - Actual Style Models -5 minutes

Pie Auction
Lincoln Day

Coming Events
Greenwood Freedom Festival and Parade
Johnson County Fair Parade
Masonic Home Parade
Additional Parades
Golf Outing
November Elections - Don't forget to vote!
Christmas Party and Santa & Mrs. Clause


2011 Events

March Pie Auction
April Primary Night Party
June Golf Outing @ Dyes' Walk
June Greenwood Freedom Festival Parade
(All available shortly)

2010 Events
Older Events and Photos
Click here

Center Grove Alumni Banquet 2011
June 11, 2011
Click the link below to go to the photo album of the night
and be able to order photos and/or a video of the event.
This is on our Evergreen Photographic I & D Site
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 Ken Baker
 For White River Twp. Trustee

click to go to album

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 Johnson County Republican Women"s Events

Center Grove Alumni Banquet
Saturday June 12, 2010
Flash & HTML Photo Albums

2009 Events

Taste of Center Grove 2009
Saturday September 12th

Disney Train arrives in Bargersville, IN
Click the yellow to see a slide show of the event.
Click a picture to enlarge than click it again to shrink it.

This was the only stop of the Train in Central Indiana, which promoted Disney's Fall 09 release
of its new movie, "A Christmas Carol". The train hosted a free tour of the train and other miscellaneous offerings of live and recorded pieces to involve participants. Cinema Magic - Morph yourself into one of the movie's characters. Great fun for the kids. Parking was difficult to find and not close to train, although a tractor ferry was there to transport the crowd. Crowd line to the event were at times 3 - 4 hours in length. Many external vendors offering food and nonfood items for sale free movie tickets to the local Drive-in in Franklin added to the success of the event.

Greenwood Parks Dept. begins work on new N/S Tracy Trail
Page Under Construction Stay tuned (8/10/2009)
Center Grove Class of 1969 - 40th Reunion

Allow appx. a minute to download

2008 - Johnson County Fair

SALI - Southside Art League Inc. Events

Metro-South - Johnson County
What to do in Central IN:
Powered Hang Gliders and Native American Crafts, Banquet Halls Mariachis, Roadside Markets, School Celebrations and Pow Wows for instance.

8/19/2007 - The Christian Band "Apologetic" Performs at
Greenwood Christian Church's Fun Fair and Concert.
Photo Album of the event <<<<<< tap here.

March 28th-30th, 2008
Horror Hound - Horror Festival & Convention
Held at the Marriott East Suites & Convention Center
Pictures of Event: (tap here)

Friday February 29th and March 1, 2008
Greenwood High School Senior, Melissa Hammack is creating a video. She is the writer and the direction and the is doing the filming along with her brother. It is one to include Zombies and weird science i.e. radiation ... and glowing green vials of gooey liquid protected in a wonderfully complex looking shiny metal housing. Zombies, Costumes and Props provided by Asylum House Productions. The video is produced by Patrick Greathouse. Cameras provided by American Sentry Guard and Make-up and SFX by Don Trent and Phil Yeary.
These photos are courtesy John R. Spurr of

Here are two production posters from the 1st weekend of shooting.
Next scheduled shoot is March 7th, 2008 then again on the 14th and 15th
NE Morgan County was the Location for the 1st shoot.

Prints of any of the following photos are available in nearly any size
from 4x6 through Poster (30x40)
Just send your requests to the following address
4x6 Prints are $8.00
5x7 Prints are $15.00
8x12 Prints are $30.00
Shipping is included in the above pricing
Prices on quantities and other sizes upon request

+6% tax if from Indiana

There is a special pricing for the crew. Ask about it.

February 22, 2009
A view from Hwy 52 in Benton County, IN
Indiana has gone GREEN in a BIG WAY
Benton County has two windmill farms totaling over two hundred mills. The 1st farm is operational and the second one is do to follow shortly. These mills are huge and tower over everything in the surrounding area.
Here is one photo of one of the strangest sights with more to follow shortly.


February 29th and March 1st shoots.

March 7th shoot

March 14th and 15th shoots
Unfortunately they were no still shots from this shoot


March 27th shoot
This shoot was a production meeting to discuss the next shoot. (April 4th, 2008). The 2nd picture is a Out-takes poster from this meeting.JRS

Production Poster

March 27th shoot
This shoot was the production shoot. Next is final editing.
Below is the next poster from the previous shoot.



Tap here for a special for a 1st time release of a short video photo album
showing the process of providing the magic of special effects using
Make-up/SFX of Don Trent and Phil Yeary
in conjunction with Asylum House Productions
Still and video courtesy

NEW *    SFX/ Make-up Video

Horror Hound March 28th - 30th, 2008
Horror Hound Page




Walker Hatchery and Farm Market

Bartholomew County

North Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
850 Tipton Lane

1st Set of Photos
Panasonic Lumix DMZ-FC10 SLR Plus some magic added as needed (Photos by Evergreen Photographic I & D)
This first set contains a few of the grounds and the exterior of the Church. Most of the shots are of the Chapel inside. I shot as well the basement classrooms and office areas at the same time and those view will be coming shortly.

Entrance Drive (in)

Entrance to inside of Chapel from lobby

Skylight below steeple

2 views of inside normal and sepia


Student Organist practicing



Still More to Come from this Set Shortly (June 23, 2007)

Second Set of Photos (Later Date from those above.)
This time with a Canon Digital Rebel with either Sigma 12-24  f4.5-5.6 DG or 24-70 f 2.8 DG lenses and a little magic added sometimes
 (Photos by Evergreen Photographic I & D)
More to come shortly
























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