2008 - Johnson County Fair

For a while it seemed that the County Fair this year might never come. The Spring and Summer Floods took their toll on Johnson County and its surrounding counties. Franklin was submerged in many areas with the County Court  House Annex and the Franklin Police Station taking the brunt of the flooding waters. The fairgrounds themselves sustained damage as well and the fairgrounds parking area could easily have been used as an extremely large mud bog arena. As the opening day for the fair arrived the revelers were welcomed to cooler weather and a strange absence of rain. This absence lasted through the entire week and not a drop of rain fell. The main event that suffered a bit was the annual hot air balloon race. The event did go off but the 1st balloon took off approximately and hour late. And then it was followed by 3 or 4 more and they all moved to the east in a moderately stiff breeze. This breeze was the probable cause for the races delay to begin with.

Here are a few photos or various events at the Johnson County Fair 2008 for your enjoyment.....
All photos courtesy John R. Spurr of Evergreen Photographic Copyrite2008 - Greenwood